Thursday, 1 March 2018


News just in - the news I hinted at in the last post - I will have a novel published later this year, one that I am really very proud of and that has been in my desk drawer for a number of years now and which I was pushed to 'get out there' by the late Helen Lamb who was a teacher of mine for almost a year. The contracts are signed.

The novel will first be published in hardback… probably in October. 

This could not have come at a better time for me. I have not exactly been blocked these past months, but have not written much… which is not how it has been these past ten years. I have a lot of short stories done and dusted and many are in print in nice places and have had very good things said about them. But I needed to make the next step up with the writing - the step that increases the readership and shows what I can do on a bigger canvas. I am hopeful that this novel will do that.

And now I feel motivated to bring more of my novels to the table, to get them redrafted and polished and 'out there'.

More news will follow - details on the novel and publisher etc.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

News round up

So, runner-up in The Brighton Prize (story section this time... last year I won the Brighton Prize flash fiction section) and that was a good enough note to end 2017 on. Except, I also heard that my children's novel, 'The Chess Piece Magician' has fallen out of print and that felt a wee bit sad.

This year, 2018, may hold some news to make being out of print with 'Chess Piece' more bearable - all very hush hush at the moment and exciting and not counting any chickens before they're hatched… but will let people know as soon as I am able.

Happy New Year to everyone and high hopes for a better year and a brighter year and a year with kindness and good thoughts and good deeds - universally.

Saturday, 28 October 2017


As Promised, here is the link for the Casket of Fictional Delights' podcast of the winning flash fictions read by real actors and actresses. Cannot believe my story won this competition with so many good pieces. You could do a lot worse than tune in to listen to these stories. Lovely work.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Just to say that you can read a wee flash of mine here

It was winner in The Casket of Fictional Delights' annual flash fiction competition judged this year by Kit De Waal. I entered this competition for the same reason I enter all the competitions I enter - it is always a thrill for me to have someone read my work. I was so pleased to reach the shortlist and to have Kit read my piece and to then have her say such kind things about my craft. Thanks to her and to Joanna Sterling who runs 'Casket' and who also said some nice things about the story.

Congratulations to Neem Shah and Zoe Meager who also did well in this competition, and to all the others on the shortlist. You can read their pieces on the site.

At a later date you will be able to hear the pieces read by a real actor/actress. I will post a link here when that happens.

Sunday, 8 October 2017


ON KINDNESS - by Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor

Kindness is something necessary, something we all need (to receive and to give). We all know this - in some part of us we know it - but life, modern life, is inclined to disable it. This wee book (but really a 'big' book) as well as mapping the history of human kindness, reaffirms the absolute need for kindness in all of us. Even ants can be self-sacrificial, giving their lives to save the colony. It is more natural than we might think. But then cruelty is also natural… and so there is a job for us to do in teaching children (and others) of the virtue of kindness. And to those that argue that being kind is a sort of egoism - well, to quote one philosopher, 'If this is self-love, be it so…' and to quote this book: 'for nothing can be better than this self-love, nothing more generous'. 

Worth a read. I bought the hardback edition with a light blue page ribbon… because I was being kind to myself!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


So, here's a pic of the noticeboard outside the Spiegeltent at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. If you look closely that's my name on the board… 'Story Shop with Douglas Bruton'. If you want to read the story, 'LIVVY AND LOVE AND PENNIES IN JARS' then you can read it here. Also you can hear me reading a sample at the same link (later you will be able to see the filmed recording of me reading at the event).

Monday, 14 August 2017


I can put this on my CV now, having had a great weekend there where I was involved in not one but two readings. 

Firstly, as part of LitLong’s event in Greenhouse 2 on George Street on Saturday. I read my story from the collection ‘Umbrella’s of Edinburgh’. I was there with the lovely and ever effervescent Finolla Scott, and Jane Anderson whose Edinburgh story is just brilliant, and Marianne MacRae whose poetry is just so fine and so beautiful. Reading was great fun – we were each given a ten minute slot. I kept my introduction to a minimum so that I could read the whole story… and that turned out to be a good decision – loved reading the whole piece and it was well received.

That was Saturday; on Sunday I was back at the book festival reading at StoryShop in the Spiegeltent. This was another ten minute thing, but this time it was just me. I squeezed in a wee intro before reading to set the scene and to let the audience tune in to my voice. The event was well attended, though 20 minutes before we went live there was no one at all in the Spiegeltent and I was a little concerned. It filled up in the last five minutes. The reading went very well and the audience was as quiet and attentive as could be hoped for… held is what they were, and then loud in their applause – thank you to them. Had fun reading and was told afterwards that as well as the live audience, about 150 had tuned in on Periscope to hear the recording and a further 10 immediately replayed the recording after hearing it the first time.

Really love reading to an audience. And what better place to do this than at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. So glad to have been given these opportunities.